Name: Jin Ju Hong
Age: 24
Languages: English 5/5 & Korean 4/5

Pro Skills: Illustration, branding, prints, packaging, photoshop
Self proclaimed (Amateur) skills: Animation, photography

Experience: Illustration, FMCG, Graphics, Textiles, Art, Taekwondo, and eating a whole plate of large pizza in one sitting

Characteristics: Passionate, determined, eager learner, self motivated, observant, focused, pizza lover, video games player


Heeeey! Nice to meet you. I'm Jin Ju from Sydney, and i'm into illustration and design.

I'm inspired by variety, and versatility. Just like food, I believe in alternating flavours, with taste and variety; complexity that compliments simplicity. I find it fascinating to constantly learn, open up to new ideas, concepts, and explorations. 

From previous work, I worked with FMCG - branding and advertising.
Now, I'm an illustrator at Airtasker. It's freaking awesome!
I give my 200% to create easy to digest illustrations from slabs of copy and mushy ideas.

When I'm not in my studio mode, I'm most likely to be binging on snacks or pizzas... Pizzas are great. I'm also a fan of video games.

I am very excited to see where my passion will take me.


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